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Cine film transfer and converion to DVD, Digital, HD.
HD transfers from Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm Cine Film. Edit your old home movies and 8mm/16mm cine.
Free colour correction and digital enhancement of cine film. Transfer of VHS, VHS(c), 8mm and MiniDV tapes.
Fast Next day 8mm/16mm film transfer available.
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We Transfer Super 8, Standard 8mm, 16mm Film & Video Tapes - VHS - 8mm - Hi8 - MiniDV

Cine and video transfer services. How to transfer your old video and cine reels of film.
  • Cine & Video Transfer

    Cine Conversions has been transferring film and video tapes since 1986, which makes us probably the longest standing specialist when it comes to converting your old cine films and video tapes.

    Don't allow your treasured memories become obsolete, transfer them today to a moden digital format such as DVD or Digital files. We offer fast film transfer solutions for everyone no matter what your requirements. From full HD transfers for home editing, to standard transfers to DVD.

    We take personal pride in the transfer of your cine films using what we feel is the best methods available for your budget. Whatever service you require all films are personlly scanned on transfer and enhanced in post production to achieve the best possible image quality.

  • Professional Film Transfer

    Having your old cine films or video tapes transferred is something you only do once, so be confident that in selecting us you are choosing the best service available on a cost comparison.

    We are often presented with transfers from customers who have entrusted their films to a lesser quality company, in the hope that we can rescue the transfer, which of course is impossible.

    We are a family business and have many decades experience with 8mm/16mm film and video tape transfer. We even offer a rebranding film service to other film transfer houses across the UK.

  • Here is a helpful video which details some of the unique benefits of our cine film transfer service.

    Youtube video showing cine film frame by frame telecine system

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    Our current average turnaround is BUSINESS AS NORMAL.

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  • 8mm or 16mm Converison

    Specialist cine film transfer - 16mm, Super 8 or Standard 8mm films on to DVD to watch and enjoy, or to digital files (AVI or QuickTime on your USB drive) for you to edit at home. HD ProRes of 8mm and 16mm film transfer now available.

    Advanced film colour correction and enhancement to make your home movies more vibrant, clearer and brighter.

    All types of silent and sound cine film converted including 16mm, Standard 8mm and Super 8. Transfering film from the 1920's right up to the latest film projects by students using Super 8 and 16mm.

    Old home movies on video tape such as VHS, VHS(C), 8mm, Hi8mm, MiniDV camcorder tapes to digital files and DVD.

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  • Cine Transfer to HD or SD

    Your 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film can now be transferred to ProRes 422 HD Quality files for customers with higher end editing facilities. Cine films copied to your USB hard drive. These files work out at approx 32GB per hours worth of footage.

    Our HD Cine transfer to ProRes is charged at 25% extra on top of our basic transfer rate.

    We can also convert your old home movies to AVI or QuickTime files which are available at our normal transfer rate. These files are approx 12GB per hours worth of footage.

    If you are having your films converted to files you will need to supply us with a portable USB hard drive for us to copy the files onto. Please ask for details.

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  • Video Tape Transfer

    VHS, VHSc, 8mm, Hi8 & MiniDV camcorder tapes transferred to QuickTime, AVI or even DVD.

    Camcorder video tapes can also be transferred to digital formats on your USB hard drive.

    The most common tape conversion we do is to DVD, but we can also transfer your tapes to files so as you can edit your old camcorder footage on your computer.

    If you are having your camcorder video tapes converted to files you will need to supply us with a portable USB hard drive for us to copy the files onto. Please ask for details.

    We offer a high quality conversion using professional high end decks, and manually supervise each tape transfer.

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  • Film Transfer Costs

    Transfer costs for transferring super 8, 8mm or standard 8mm film is charged by the fifty foot unit. The first fifty foot unit of any job supplied is charged at £30.00. Each fifty foot unit there after is charged at either £6.00 if part of a large reel or £8.00 if the fifty foot unit is a single fifty foot reel.

    If you are transferring 16mm film the charges per fifty foot unit are the same except that the first fifty foot unit of the job is charged at £50.00.

    So once the first fifty foot unit has been charged then each each reel is as follows:

    • 50ft reels (3 inch diameter) £8.00
    • 200ft reels (5 inch diameter) £24.00
    • 400ft reels (7 inch diameter) £48.00

    We also offer a premium High Definition film transfer. Please ask for full details about this service..

    Please give us a call on 01293 542233 if you would like us to give you a quotation.

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  • Video Tape Transfer Costs

    The cost of transferring videos tapes, such as VHS, VHS(c), Mini DV, Hi8mm, 8mm to DVD is as follows:

    £10.00 first half hour, followed by £3.00 each additional half hour unit off each tape. So if each tape is up to half an hour long then they will be £10.00 each. Please note we have a minimum chage of £20.00 for a complete transfer job

    The cost of transferring videos tapes, such as VHS, VHS(c), Mini DV, Hi8mm, 8mm to Digital Files is as follows:

    £10.00 first half hour, followed by £5.00 each additional half hour unit off each tape. So if each tape is up to half an hour long then they will be £10.00 each. Please note we have a minimum chage of £20.00 for a complete transfer job

    If you are having your tapes transferred to Digital Files we will require full size USB hard drive together with the video tapes supplied. The files we create for you are very large at full quality and are approx 12GB per hours worth of footage. USB memory sticks are not suitable for large continuous files due to formatting issues.

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  • Film Cleaning & Colour Correction

    Old cine film stock does have the tendancy to fade over time. Film fading can occur naturally despite good careful storage of your old cine films.

    What is film fading? The dyes used on the film surface tend to fade away, usually the blues and greens , making the film look very pink in appearance. 16mm colour film tends to be the most effected by colour fade.

    As part of our standard cine film transfer service, charged at our standard rate, we always colour correct in post to bring the film colour back to normal levels. It is not always possible to bring the film back 100%, however we always do our best to provide the best customer viewing experience.

    Film cleaning is an optional service which is charged at £0.05p per foot of cine film. Cleaning film using industry standard film cleaning products can reduce help heavy scratches and make light scratches less noticable. Cleaning will remove dirt and dust from the film. If there is a soundtrack then this is also cleaned at the same time. Cleaning also help with the long term storage of your original material. Having your cine film cleaned ensures that the transfer will be as good as it can be using our film transfer service.

Sending us cine films and video tapes

We operate a safe and fast mail order service using Royal Mail recorded and special delivery services. Royal Mail Recorded Delivery is a standard 1st Class signed delivery service which offers no insurance. Royal Mail Special Delivery is a signed, tracked, guaranteed next day and insured service.

We even offer a local area delivey and collection service.

Quality Cine Film and Video Transfer

Supporting customers from all parts of the UK including: Aberdeen , Birmingham , Belfast , Bexhill , Bradford , Brighton , Bristol , Cambridge , Cardiff , Conventry , Crawley , Dundee , Eastbourne , Edinburgh , Essex , Glasgow , Horsham , Hull , Inverness , Kent , Leeds , Leicester , Liverpool , London , Manchester , Nottingham , Milton Keynes , Oxford , Sussex , Surrey , Kent , Hastings , Worthing , Lewes , Bexhill , Dorking , Littlehampton , East Grinstead , Haywards Heath , Guildford , Epsom , Sheffield , York , Southampton ,

Testimonials & reviews of our film and video transfer service

... Dear Claire I just wanted to say thank you so much for the cine transfer DVD etc. My Dad (and Mum) were so thrilled and it really made the day for him! I thought you might like to put this as feedback on the website because i was so worried entrusting films that contain such precious memories which do not belong to me to people i do not know, i needn't have worried! Being able to bring and collect them was helpful and you completed them so quickly! Once again thank you. ...

Lesley Charnick

... I asked Excelsior Film & Video to transfer my old Super-8 cine films to a format suitable for my home computer. Their service and communication were excellent but I wasn't prepared for the impact of the finished films. The quality is simply amazing. Thank you Excelsior, a fully professional and affordable service. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to revisit films that remain forgotten in the attic...... ...

Mr P K Joyce

... Hi, i have just received the cine films and dvd back and would like to thank you very much for the great job you have done and the speed in which you did it! I can not believe how amazing it is, to see these images on dvd will bring enormous enjoyment to my husbands grandfather on his 90th birthday next week. I have passed on your details to a friend who has about eight films, some with sound, because she never knew this could be done! Thank you once again, ...

Annette Bosher

... Many thanks for the DVDs which are excellent and much enjoyed by the family. Your quality is very good way above the other two studios that I tried. Also your service is very fast. I am most impressed. ...

Margaret Bloom

... I've just had some super 8mm transfered by you (Ben Hall) I just wanted to say thanks so much, it looks & sounds great. The footage on these reels are of me taking my first steps, grandparents who have past away & just general priceless footage of my family that I haven't seen in about 20 years! So yeah, thanks & I really appreciate the hand delivery of the rushes / DV - I was pretty nervous sending it by post. ...

Ben Hall

... Just to let you know that I have received the DVD today, I would like to add that I have been very impressed with the quality and the professionalism of service I have been provided. I do happen to have a great amount of more films(maybe 40) that I would like to have converted to DVD. Would it be okay to send all of them in one bulk to you? Please let me know ...... ...


... This e-mail is to thank you and your team for a wonderful transfer done of my family's memories which were on 8mm cine tapes onto DVD. Watching the DVDs brought back instant flashback to all members of our family and rekindled those lost moments in our minds. ...

Sanjay K. Oza

... Just wanted to say thanks for converting my cine films to DVDs - though I havent yet looked at them all, I'm delighted with what you've done in terms of quality, chaptering etc - all very much appreciated, right at the top end of what I'd hoped for, so thanks very much. ...

Fra Cooke

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