What type of cine film do I have and does it need cleaning?

We have a helpful page here which shows you how to identify the difference between super 8, standard 8 (8mm), and 16mm film. The price for transfer all all 8mm film formats is the same, but 16mm film is charged a little differently.

Not all film needs cleaning, unless it has been stored badly. We clean with industry standard cleaning chemicals to ensure your film is at its best for film transfer. We don’t push film cleaning, unless the film is so dirty and covered in mould, that it would damage our own precision equipment. Usually under such circumstances we would have to assess the film first hand in case of film emulsion damage. Film cleaning is charged from £0.05p per foot. For more information on cleaning your old home movies, 8mm or 16mm see our film cleaning page here.

For more information about film chemical cleaning why not visit the Film-Tech web site they manufacture  Film Guard which is what we use to clean all of our customers cine films. We have always found Film Guard to be the best film cleaner on the market giving excellent results.