How do I know what is on my 8mm cine films and what about the transfer order?

Unless you have an old cine projector that works, and doesn’t damage film it is very difficult to know what’s on your film. You could try to obtain a manual winding cine film editor from ebay which may be more helpful. Using such a device to view your films means there is far less risk of damaging your home movies. Usually the screens on these domestic cine editors are rather poor so you may get the impression that your cine film in in a poorer condition than it actually is.


If a customer does not know what is on their cine films we perform the film transfer using our own discretion. For instance if your cine film collection is made up of Standard 8mm and Super 8 film then we would transfer the Standard 8mm film first as this would be the oldest. We use our common sence with the contents of your cine films when transferring them to digital or DVD. The cine film material is kept on our system for as long as possible in case you want us to re-edit the transfer into a bespoke order once you have seen your cine transfer.


if you would like us to transfer your cine films what not give us a call to go through all the options or have a read through our main technical film transfer website Cine Conversions