Super 8 Cine Films. Home Movies Before Video Age

Before the video age the only film entertainment for the home was Super 8 and Standard 8 packaged films. Most were available in cut down form giving the viewer the highlights of the movie whilst maintaining a limited story. For those with bigger walets larger editions were available such as 4x400ft editions.

The films were available to buy at photographic and dedicated film shops. London had many distributors such as Mountain Films with their main outlet Portland Films which was in Shaftsbury Avenue. Other such companies were Walton Films, who sold many of their titles through Dixons.

I remember the costs were high. A 200ft colour sound reel of a Walton Film title would be as much as £20. Portland films usually had offers at half that price. Due to the costs of the films many film fans would join a film library. Derran was one such company which provided this service.

The photo above shows some of the super 8 packaged movies I have in my own collection.

Such films are still available to collectors today. Ebay has many listings and two dealers still selling titles are Paul Foster Films and Classic Home Cinema.

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