Cine film to DVD or Digital File Running Times

I am often asked about the running time of old super 8 and standard 8 reels. This is very useful to know if we are transferring your old films to a digital file. The standard def files we supply from cine film transfer are approx 12gb per hours worth of film footage. So how does the cine film running time measure up to the footage on a cine reel? Here is list of reel sizes and their approx running time:

50ft reel. About 3″ across and fit in the palm of your hand. About 4min running time.

200ft reel. About 5″ across with a 15min running time.

400ft reel. About 7″ across with a 30min running time.

600ft reel. About 8″ across with a 45min running time.


If your cine transfer job is 200ft or under we can simply supply the AVI or QuickTime file on a DVD ROM for you. If you have more than 200ft of cine film then we will need either a USB memory stick or a USB portable hard drive to copy your films onto for you. I’m sorry but we don’t supply USB sticks or hard drives as part of our cine to digital service, however such items can be easily ordered from Amazon and delivered direct to us.