Cine Film Transfer. Ordering Your Films Ready For Digital Transfer or DVD

If you know the order in which you would like your cine film reels transferred to DVD or digital then the best way to help is to number each reel and we can then transfer your films in that order for you.

Remember when you send us your film always enclose your full contact details so as we can easily get hold of you if we have any questions about your film transfer. Just because I have had a lengthy phone call with you does not mean I will know it’s your job that has turned dup a few days later, without any contact details.

We do have a online form you can fill out to put inside your package containing your cine reels which is here . You don’t have to use this for but when sending your film for transfer it does make things easier for us when we receive your film.

All the films we receive for transfer are kept within our own secure environment. We don’t send your films onto anyone else. Everything is done in house by us.

We always try our best to transfer all of your cine films within 5 to 8 working days from receipt.