DVD Care of Cine and Video Transfer

How to care for the DVD of your video, or cine transfer.

Having your old home movie film or video tapes transferred to DVD can be quite an emotional experience. Judging form the amount of positive feed back I get from customers many get their hankies out when seeing all their old memories.

It is very important to look after the DVDs that have been produced for you. Follow these simple rules:

Always hold your DVD by the edges only. Do not touch the recorded silver side with your fingers.

Always keep the DVD in the supplied library case. I always shudder when I see people who leave their DVDs just lying on a dusty carpet. Never leave your DVDs exposed to strong sunlight either.

If you need to clean the recorded side of your DVD use a soft lint free lens cloth. Do not clean the DVD in a circular motion, but in outward strokes from the centre to the outer edge.

We always use what we consider the best DVDs on the market to transfer your cine films and old video tapes, no cheap rubbish.

It is advisable to order an extra copy of your film or video transfer as this gives you an archive safe copy for long storage. Extra DVDs at the time of order are only £7.50 each. We can also provide Gold Masters of your transfer too.

It is also worth making sure your DVD player is in tip top shape too. Here is an interesting piece I found about cleaning DVD players as well as the DVDs themselves.