Film transfer of 8mm & 16mm film using frame by frame

Capturing & transferring 8mm & 16mm film by the Frame by Frame system. Unique film capture and processing of your old home movies. Colour correction of cine films to bring back natural colours where possible. Film cleaning options available to restore and condition your old 8mm and 16mm films.
  • Cine Film Capture Method

    This video illustrates the high quality film transfer and post editing enhancements that can be achieved with 8mm and 16mm film transfer.

  • Film Transfer Features

    Unique film capture and enhancement of the 8mm or 16mm film image in post.

    As shown in the video advanced cine film colour correction. Adjusting the film colour balance to compensate for the loss of primary colours.

    Optional film cleaning service to increase image clarity, and help reduce deep film emulsion scratches and remove light scratches.

    Capture to High Definition HD files for home editing. Standard files and DVD transfer available.

  • Professional Film transfer

    We are often presented with transfers from customers who have entrusted their films to a lesser quality company, in the hope that we can rescue the transfer, which of course is impossible.

    Having your old cine films or video tapes transferred is something you only do once, so be confident that in selecting us you are choosing the best service available on a cost comparison.

    We are a family business and have many decades experience with 8mm/16mm film and video tape transfer. We even offer a rebranding film service to other film transfer houses across the UK.