16mm & 8mm Colour Correction Demo Video

  • Depending upon storage conditions and the type of film stock used for filming, original colours may fade from the film. In many cases this can result in a 'pink' apearence on your home movie. Rather like looking at your home movies through a pair of pink sun glasses. 16mm film is more likely to fade due to the film stock available to film makers many years ago. Film companies never indended such material to be in use for such a long period for customers home movies. Technology has improved with film stocks today and this problem has now been corrected with modern film.

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    If your home movies have 'turned' (the correct term) there are a number of processes which we can apply to the digital file to correct this problem when transferring to DVD. We use the latest software which can detect and replace lost colours making the final transfer much more acceptable. The process is not entirly automatic and relies upon one of our experienced film technicians balancing the correct colour levels for the film stock.

    Final results are dependant upon how badly your home movie has faded as it relies upon some of the initial primaty colour remaining so that colour can be enhanced. Even if a film looks completly pink when played there still may be some initial primary colour remaining for the correction to balance colour.

    Colour correction is included in the basic cost of conversions to DVD.