Film Cleaning of Super 8, 8mm & 16mm films

  • Cleaning your cine films allows us to ensure that your films have been transferred achieving the optimum image quality. Using industry standard cleaning procedures allows to to remove any contaminant on your film, such as dust, mould or other foreign elements which have settled on your film.

    Over the years your cine films may have been stored badly perhaps in damp conditions or subject to extreme temperature changes. Such storage conditions for film are harmful for the film and can effect the quality when transferred to another medium such as DVD.

    We offer a cleaning service for your films which will both clean, lubricate and condition your cine film. As a second stage process to the cleaning of the film we use a quality film wax which helps to prevent future film scratch lines, and also helps to hide light scratch lines and reduce the appearance of heavier film lines.

    The cleaning of super 8, 8mm and 16mm film will improve the sound quality of the film soundtrack if one exists on the film. The film cleaning is suitable for both magnetic and optical film soundtracks.

    As film cleaning helps to preserve the film for long term storage it will ensure that your precious films are going to be future proof for what ever new multimedia formats will emerge in the future.

    If cleaning is performed at the time of transfer to DVD then you will know that the quality of the overall transfer will be the best that can be obtained from your film.

    The cost of film cleaning varies between the film formats and the amounts of film you have which needs the film cleaning service. As a guide our cleaning service starts from around 5p per foot of exposed film. Please contact us for a quotation regarding your own order.