Transfer of Cine Film - Prices

  • Please note that we only charge for the actual amount of film on the reel not the reel size.

    The first 50ft of entire job £30.00
    Each 50ft reel £8.00
    Each 50ft unit on larger reels £6.00, examples below
    Each 100ft reel (8 minutes) £12.00
    Each 200ft reel (16 minutes) £24.00
    Each 400ft reel (30 minutes) £48.00
    Free film break repairs, unless excessive
    OPTIONAL GOLD MASTER DVD in addition to the standard DVD for long term storage
    Free background music or sound of a projector, we can leave silent if desired
    Free invisible chapter points to mark the beginning of each reel
    Each on screen title before each film starts £3.50
    Animated chaptering on separate menu page £5.00 each. See here
    Extra DVD copies (per disc) £10.00.
    Click here for interactive 8mm Film transfer calculator

    16mm Film Transfer Costs

    Prices for 16mm film transfer are:-

    • The first 50ft of entire job £50.00
    • All other costs are the same as 8mm transfer
    • How Cine Transfer is Done

      Each film is transferred by a triple CCD high definition (HD), recording 1080 picture lines, chipset and transferred to a computer as a digital file. The high definition film capture enables us to capture your film at its optimum quality. Our cine transfer service produces excellent results with no flicker or centre hotspot.