Video Editing & Post Production

  • Excelsior Film & Video provide professional video editing and post production services using the latest Apple Final Cut Pro editing suites. We can edit your source material to all existing video formats. With over 25 years of commercial experience of editing and post production our team creates engaging videos that deliver your corporate message and engage your audience.

    Video tape Editing from Digibeta, Betacam, DVCAM, mini DV, DVD, VHS, DVDs and most other formats

    We have five edit systems including Apple Final Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro and the latest Edius Broadcast system that can handle virtually any type of media including XDCAM HD and P2. Our copyright paid music library is included in the hourly rate plus an extensive library of stock effects and moving backgrounds. This is charged at �75 per hour including operator.

    If you are too far away to visit in person then editing by post is simple. If your material is on a digital format such as DVD you can just send us the timings which will be displayed on your camcorder, player, computer screen or DVD player. See below for advice on making up an edit sheet.

    If it is on a analogue format (VHS, Video 8 etc) you will need to wind the tape back to the beginning and zero the hours, minutes and seconds counter.

    Make up your edit sheet as shown below:

    IN hrs:mins:secs Description of first frame.
    OUT hrs:mins:secs Description of last frame.
    IN 01:03:45 Man with coat enters building
    OUT 01:12:34 Man leaves building
    and just add any other notes you think important.

    The 'IN' point is where you like the clip to start and the 'OUT' point is the clip end.

    All rates are plus VAT.