Demo of Cine Film Transfer. How it's Done.

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Super 8, standard 8mm & 16mm film transferred to DVD & digital file formats AVI Quicktime etc.
Professionally preserving and converting your 8mm & 16mm home movie footage for the digital age.
Family memories for furture generations.

Frame by Frame Film Conversion

  • The video you are watching shows the capture of cine film to digital together with colour correction examples. I have used a before and after effect to show how the colour correction of old film can look. When old cine film 'fades' the red dyes on the film become prominent giving a pinky red appearance. Colour correction allows us to turn down the red levels whilst increasing the remaining blue and green levels, back to acceptable levels.

    The examples shown have good levels of blue and greeen remaining which is how such a good result was achieved. Sadly not all film colour corrected cine film will come out as good as what is shown. This is becuase of the blues and green levels being faded to a level where they can not be increased over the red level. We always try our very best for our customers in achieving a close to original colour balance as is possible. Film colour correction is free and is part of our standard cine film transfer service.